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Ray Schofield (1948 - 2004)

Philip Gilchrist (1865 - 1956)

William Wells (1871 - 1923)

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Sunderland Point is an ideal location for anyone working in the visual arts - with views at all points of the compass: South and East to Lancaster, Ingleborough, the Bowland Fells and Fleetwood; North and West to the South Lakeland Fells and across the West Shore to the Irish Sea.

Recently, the lack of modern buildings and street furniture made it an ideal place for the BBC to film scenes for Ruby in the Smoke, starring Julie Walters and Billie Piper.
....lived at Sunderland Point towards the end of his life. His work includes paintings of the boats,
landscape and buildings of the Point at day and night, plus sculptures and work in other mediums.
....lived and painted at Sunderland Point for many years, but he was especially productive in the period 1890-1914, painting seascapes, ships, boats and particularly capturing the light and feel of the
estuary at all states of tide and weather.
....painted at Sunderland in the first decade of the 20th century, living there for several years, painting
the river and village- and usually incorporating local people in the paintings.
Many artists have been attracted to the special light and scenery of Sunderland Point and numerous works can be seen around the County and further afield.

Many works reveal the striking and varied character of this unusual and evocative place.

Photographers, amateur and professional, can be seen on the Point most days of the year, taking advantage of the remarkable light and location.
Tide tables should be consulted before visiting. Both the
Causeway and car park are likely to be under several feet of water for 1 to 2 hours before and after high tide.
A Ray Schofield mosaic inspired by the water
Philip Gilchrist’s painting of Second Terrace from the beach
A William Wells oil painting showing Second Terrace
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